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Someone once told me that justice is too expensive.  They were referring to the high cost of hiring an attorney.  We live in an era of DIYers (do-it-yourself), we all deserve to have quality affordable legal documents without incurring thousands of dollars in lawyer’s fees. Because of this, if you know what you want and are not seeking legal advice or a legal opinion, then why pay for it?!

At In Trust Legal, we offer an affordable alternative.  Above all, we provide our clients with top-notch, legally enforceable documents that are written by lawyers. In the end, our cost is only a fraction of what lawyers charge.

We provide a personal approach, keeping your information confidential and secure.  Therefore, instead of exposing your personal information on a web-based service, we meet with you personally so you don’t have to try to communicate with a computer-generated voice.

At In Trust Legal, we not only save you money but we also get the job done right without delay or confusion.

Affordable Legal Documents

About Carol

I have 35 years experience in the legal industry. With the experience of having to probate my own father’s estate I became dedicated to helping my clients preserve their legacy. I provide affordable legal documents, which includes assisting them with completing their court forms… read full bio


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Do you know if your real estate will avoid probate?

Probate is a formal court proceeding which is required to transfer property legally to our heirs, if certain property is not held in trust or has named beneficiaries. Additionally, real property that is not vested in your trust at the time of your death may be probated, depending on the value. In other words, whether you have a trust or not you could be at risk. We offer affordable legal documents to help you create a solid estate plan for almost 70% less than attorneys fees…


In October we will be discussing the differences between an LLC and Corporate entity and which one is best for you. Also, we’ll share how to setup your business entity affordably. Finally, we’ll be going over how to select a business retirement plan to help you reach your financial goals.


  • KA W.
    I met Carol over a year ago at a SLO Chamber Mixer and I knew right then that she was what I was looking for. I wanted to get my Family Trust in order and have my estate dialed in for the next generation. When I met with her she was patient, professional and encouraging. It only took a few weeks and the whole package was complete. Plus she is warm and fun and somebody I look forward to seeing. I even took advantage of the "make changes" benefit that she provides which gives a person a chance to make changes within the first year. I now feel great about having taken responsibility for my future and beyond, and Carol made it painless and affordable. I feel like i saved thousands of dollars going through her. Her prices are reasonable and the confidence when it is all said and done is priceless.
    KA W.
    Paso Robles, CA
  • Sophia G.
    Carol helped me when my legal situation became too complicated. She was helpful, kind and professional. She made this difficult process stress free and explained everything in detail, as some of the legal mumbo jumbo can get confusing! I would highly recommend Carol for your legal assisting needs.
    Sophia G.
    Nipomo, CA
  • Randy K.
    I was very impressed with Carol's personal attention and the detail which she explained all of the documentation.  It's only been a week since she did my Trust, Healthcare Directive, and a few other documents and I've already referred 2 friends to her.  I was talking to a friend that was already working with an attorney on the same type of documents and she was paying more than 3 times Carol's rate. The fact Carol at In Trust Legal was easily accessible for questions and was really quick in drawing the documents made the whole process flow quickly. I certainly recommend In Trust Legal.
    Randy K.
    San Luis Obispo, CA
  • Johnathan Y.
    Carol is thorough, reliable and a pleasure to work with. She is also very knowledgeable and has a manner which puts one at ease in any situation.  When Carol says she is going to get something done, she does it on time and without mistakes. She helped us with our trust documents much more efficiently than anyone has in the past.  Top notch professional!
    Johnathan Y.
    San Luis Obispo, CA
  •  Jerica T.
    Carol helped me and my family with legal paperwork and handled everything professionally and smoothly.  She made it painless and we are happy to recommend her services to anyone who needs assistance with legal documents done properly so you can relax and be confident that she can take care of every detail.
    Jerica T.
    Los Angeles, CA
  • Julie M.
    I was a lucky soul to have met the lovely Carol Ramirez in my time of grief, sadness and nervous scrambling to get my ducks in a row for my lovely girls in case something should happen to me as I am now their only parent...... Carol is incredibly bright, wise and SO knowledgeable about her profession!  She builds awareness with you about the law, but doesn't talk down to you or use tons of legalese that would make most of us cross-eyed. She basically held my hand during this entire process and even met me on a non-working day!  This amazing woman is clearly dedicated to what she does and really wants to "give back" to community and also human kind.  She is very business minded, but has this wonderful sense of compassion and empathy that you just don't see often in the business world. You won't go wrong with Carol.  To say she is INCREDIBLE is a complete understatement!  Give her a call and I promise she will take care of you to the moon and back.
    Julie M.
    Newbury Park, CA
  • Mary Ann O.
    My husband and I needed a very complex Living Trust to be set up.  We have a large blended family and some complex real estate, financial holdings of various types, and family issues.  Carol is SO knowledgeable, efficient, and experienced.  We had so many questions and she explained everything thoroughly. What a relief to be in such competent hands with probably the most important thing to us at this time in our lives!  We now have a Living Trust that we are confident with and will be going to Carol for any future legal needs. We felt that her fees were very reasonable for the services rendered.  We will be referring our family and friends.
    Mary Ann O.
    Arroyo Grande, CA
  •  Jen K.
    In Trust Legal has been really helpful for me as an individual getting a business started. Carol is very polite and a great listener. She knew just what I needed to do and helped me on my way! Her assistant is also very polite and attentive on phone and in person. Thank you!
    Jen K.
    San Luis Obispo, CA

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