Real Estate Transfer

Real Estate Transfer Documents

Filing Real Estate Transfer documents can be complex in nature. Let’s say you want to  transfer a percentage interest to someone else. In order to do this, the appropriate documents need to be recorded on the property to make the changes you desire. Therefore, whether you want to transfer or protect your ownership interest, will determine which deed is right for your circumstances.

Real Estate Transfer

Most common property transaction forms we prepare:

This deed is for property vested in the name of a trust and the trustee passes away.

This deed is recorded after the death of an owner that is not vested in a trust.

Between spouses, when one spouse releases ownership to the other spouse; typically done in divorce matters

To transfer your ownership interest to someone else; typically used for re-finance purposes to add a co-signer.

To transfer your ownership interest to another person after your death.

To transfer your interest to your trust to avoid probate. Most importantly, this will save your heirs thousands of dollars in probate court.<

In conclusion, if you need to add or remove someone from title or protect your property from probate, we can help.  We’ll prepare the necessary form and record it in the county records where your property is located.  We have recorded deeds throughout the state of California and nationwide.

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