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divorce assistanceIn Trust Legal can assist you with completing all of the necessary forms and make sure they are done correctly!

We can help you with the following proceedings:

Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDRO’s)
When dividing marital property, you may need to request a court order to divide a spouse’s retirement earnings prior to retirement.  This type of document is required to join the retirement system to your divorce or legal separation case.  We specialize in San Luis Obispo County retirement systems, including CalPERS and Pension Trust.  We can also prepare all necessary forms for all other retirement systems.

  • Joinder Documents – required to request the court to join a retirement system to your court case
  • CalPERS
  • Pension Trust
  • All other retirement systems

Property Agreements

  • Pre-Nuptial – Agreement to keep separate property separate and not community property
  • Post-Nup – Agreement of terms regarding division of community property
  • Property Agreements – Agreement regarding purchasing/management of property between two or more persons

Legal Name Change

Adults may petition the court to request a legal name change.  This requires filing a petition with the court to change your name legally.   A parent may also petition to change their child’s name but notifying the other parent and petitioning the court is required.  If both parents agree, the court will grant the request.  If only one parent is petitioning the change, proper notice is required to be given to the other parent.

  • Adult Name Change not requested in a divorce proceeding
  • Child Name Change for a minor under the age of 18

When you know what you want and you are not seeking legal advice from an attorney, we help you prepare court forms at a fraction of the cost of typical legal fees.

Hiring In Trust Legal will save you money!  Your money.  Your Choice.

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